The Leporellion / Chapter Four – Wing Commands

Chapter Four

The Leporellion – When the critic is silent, the world must speak in glyphs

With these glyphs in this tableau examples for the behavioural biology and some animal instincts prewritten. But it is mandatory to use these glyphs to avoid misunterstandings with other contextual syllable according to The Leporellion, e.g. ‚impolite dog behaviour‘.

To view the interactive Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg-file 0,94 MB, 1000px x 1000px) click on the tableau to load and open a new Browser window. Then, move the mouse over the glyphs in the morphological tableau to display the meaning. The .svg-file include all relevant metadata for a license, details see below. Download full version here.

The Leporellion / Chapter Four
The Leporellion / Chapter Four

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