Backlinks to 1984 // Feedback: RIA World 2009

Backlinks to 1984

Feedback: The Rich Internet Application World 2009

The RIA World 2009, in Munich, was a great experience for me. I recognized new principles and practises of script languages and programming techniques. HTML 5 and CSS3 are made for developer dummies. I fall in love with event handler and find my luck in magic beans. Nonetheless, it is a lot work to bring programming, design and content into an orchestral balance. In doing so, I cannot believe in specialists. The ongoing success of an better internet is a question of OpenSource, e.g. Webkits, and collaborative Workflow between competitives and decision makers in hoping they won‘t forget the users, because innovative techniques are nothing without acceptance.
I point out and this is not quite new there is just one web or we have to understand the whole internet as one maschine.
The mobile phone in our hand is just a link to it.
Anyway, after RIA World I believe in developing widgets, mobile optimization of conservative websites and whatsoever, e.g. maybe payable content itself and co-existence between advertisement and video streaming, animated and entertainment interfaces.
I think that the end of every static pages and TV as we know is near. It is up to us to discover and adapt these opportunities – stay tuned.

from Jens T. Hinrichs