The Coming Collapse

Last night I found out something weird to let you know.
FinTech has gotten dangerously close.
Right now, we‘re literally one step from having banks knock down our screens.
Almost all the steps leading to FinTech are now completed.
All it takes is an App to ignite the disaster.
Now, if naked sales and grabbing for Big Data weren‘t enough,
FinTech will really make your blood freeze.
Everything‘s been planned and implemented in your banking account or tax declaration
with banking charges and its services.
FinTech forced you to build a niche for them.
Possibly to give them a tool to hack your account.
And here‘s the result: Loosing bank secrecy and private sphere.
So don‘t miss the warning before it might be too late for you and your money.
Bank‘s done a lot of stupid investments so far, but FinTech will only be the tip.
Found governments the best financial place
to convert camouflaged inflation and create balanced budgets.
Everyone‘s been trying hard to earn his money and keep it from tax and auditing.
But here‘s another warning: The effects of FinTech‘s actions will hit you – sooner or later.
And who will have to pay for this betrayal – you, with your money.
And FinTech will hit you life nothing you‘ve ever seen before.
From the moment on FinTech come to light there‘s no protection against.
This morning I found out, it was a dream.