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ich vermag mich ihnen zu kredenzen: mein Klarname ist LoLehrer. Da ich sehr gerne viele hochquantitative Websaiten vollschreibe, möchte ich Sie zu einem kostenlosen Linktausch nötigen oder eine noch bessere Verwässerung ihrer Schokoladenseiten, die Sie eigentümlich besitzen, unterbreiten.
Sie würden sicherlich auch anderen ihren Willen aufzwingen und behaupten, dass man für die Begründung eines Linktauschs viele Gedankensprünge parat haben sollte. Bitte verdenken Sie es mir nicht, in dem Sie solchen lukrativen Versuchungen entsagen. Denken Sie bitte nicht, dass ich über Vorteil behaftete Vorurteile vorschnell urteile. Denken Sie doch mal bitte nach, welche dinglichen Vorteile ich davon hätte und wie sich Ihre Entscheidung auf meine Rankings bei Google beeinflussen.
Ich würde es nicht bereuen, wenn ich unaufgefordert wieder von mir hören liesse.

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Jennifer Spam würdigte diesen Augenblick mit einem viel präziseren Einzeiler:

„Sehr geehrte Frohnnatur,

ich bedaure Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass ich weder Links noch Rechte tausche oder gar auf solche Handschläge vertraue.
Wohl bekomms.

Jennifer Spam“

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Hello Jennifer,

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Jennifer Spam
received and rewrote
this letter at 2015, June 18

Let me be yourselfie!


How do you feel, you fool? I am Jessy. I lick your bookmark and I want to keep familiar with you.

I suppose, that we can find a common body language. I intend to cry you a river and I hope to get somethink in common.

I read your mind and I like that you wrote about yourselfies.
 Do you have somethink against social networks? I will be waiting for your letter.
Emal – jennifer.spam-inter@org.
Best wishes.

Jennifer Spam

Get the gist for a Redneck named Hope Blender

Get the gist for a Redneck named Hope!

Hope Blender: You got me very pinterested.
Jennifer Spam: I would really like where it come from and where our Khashoggi’s ship goes to. Come let us a little closer.
Hope Blender: Mmh, yeah … and learn more about your pinterests and lobbies.

Jennifer Spam: I hope for mature understanding and social familiar benefits.

Actually, I would like meat and want to cheat on IT.

Hope Blender: I didn’t know that you are such a pinteresting and niche fan!
Jennifer Spam: How do you know? We never met us before.
Hope Blender: Well, I stalked for you a long time.
Jennifer Spam: That’s … fine by me. And that would be the only thing we have in common.
Hope Blender: Right, I can see it in your facebook.

Love Bytes

Love Bytes

Subject: hial there, how don‘t you dos …..
Date: 6. März 2015 17:06:28 MEZ

Hail friend,

I am writing my website to invite you to my traffic, with an intention of meating you there.
Maybe you are the Mr. Desperado, the Mr. Good-for-nothing and exactly the one I lol-link for.
Well I have always wanted to meat eligible aliens who are so pinteresting with their gentle and sophisticated mature and stylish cooks.

My Pinterest Charming should be dependable, royal, tumblr and ravenous or in other words the perfect-perfidious man and a day-and-nightmare-come-true for me.

I am LoL-ita and I am from Beta Italy, Hackathon. Our is a smart countree with lol of political correctness but we still try to be happily married and live bite to the bullet.

I go straight for my war. I am a crumble girl who believes in funding my true love, yet, cooler rather than later.

If you like to be pinterested in a such fucked-up boring long-life parship please cheat me through this bookmark by licking



Forwarded message:

Subject: Response: hial there, how don‘t you dos …..
Date: 6. März 2015 17:16:52 MEZ

Oh my dear, LoL-ita!!!

I am your Mr Desperado and I am search of my pinterest Mrs. LoL-ita? Are you real or a spamming maschine? Well I hope that you aren‘t.
Most girls are search of fun.
It is very pinteresting for us boys to have someone who is lol-linking for us in any situation in highlite-fidelity.

I am from Beta Italy, Hackathon and here boys make love to have sandwishes and pampers you so that they feel satisfied and blessed.
I know to be the lol one, who understand women to the bone and we love make a girl feel satisfied in every exposition of body or painting arts.
If you long to fund someone among us or maybe you want to fund me itselfie, joint this petition where I have registered myselfie in lol-link for my Mrs. One-nightstand-come-true.

    Come home, neighbor-ed, bite me, now!!!!