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Narrative character.The letter „e“ is missing because it symbolizes the click noise in a radio message. Cybrfunkr formerly known as „Postbot“. In his recent years at Sciencefiltr he started as the official postbot for „Backlinks to 1984“. Today it is beyond him and look over the rim of the cup of „coffeepress“. He can’t be bought, but is in his right mind. Sometimes Cybrfunkr ends his message with „Good Knit, and Good Link!“ as a homage to Edward R. Murrows „Good Night, and Good Luck.“ during the McCarthy drama in the U.S.A..recorded: Samstag, 26. März 2016, 4:07 Uhr, revised: Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017, 19:37 Uhr

Autor: en bloc thesis

Jens T. Hinrichs, Journalist, a.D. (außer Dienst) und Selbstverlag (dauerhaft geschlossen). Glaube fest an den Grundsatz “The answer how to question something is whistleblowing. The rest will be killed by free speech.”