The Leporellion / Chapter Five – Working with symbolic dialects and Emojis

Chapter Five

The Leporellion – When the critic is silent, the world must speak in glyphs

Working with the keyboard can be toublesome. In a short message via iPhone or Tweet we would like to transform lots of information through abbrevations or acronyms much as possible. But encoding in a way independently from culture obstacles or coherent verbal form ain’t easy. So the aim is that everyone can understand the origin text. This tableau is a little contribution to work with symbolic dialects, e.g. emojis, particularly with SMS Acronyms that are already known by Smartphone users.

To view the interactive Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg-file 0,21 MB, 1000px x 1000px) click on the tableau to load and open a new Browser window. Then, move the mouse over the glyphs in the morphological tableau to display the meaning. The .svg-file include all relevant metadata for a license, details see below. Download full version here.

The Leporellion / Chapter Five
The Leporellion / Chapter Five

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